Underlying the initiative and activities of the Sunrise Centre is the philosophy of neohumanism. Propounded by the Indian philosopher P.R. Sarkar and based on the worldview that every entity is connected in the web of life, neohumanism stands for expansive love and respect for all creation; humans, animals, plants and the inanimate world alike.

In this interconnectedness, the wellbeing of each and every individual is vital for the well-being of the collective. For this reason neohumanism encourages everyone to develop in all spheres of life: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. And it is to provide this all-round development that the Sunrise Centre was created.

Just as different aspects of life are interrelated, so needs to be their development. In this regard, learning, as life, becomes a journey of discovery of the world and ourselves, and education from a neohumanistic point of view facilitates this journey.

Educational programmes at the Sunrise Centre offer learning opportunities for all, through courses and workshops with an emphasis on practical learning and hands-on experience. Drama, games, the arts, stories and projects serve as vehicles for learning, and each student is encouraged to explore ways to succeed, achieve a personal best and find a sense of purpose in life. As learning becomes an enjoyable and empowering experience, the student's enthusiasm, motivation, self-confidence and achievements increase.

Finally, neohumanism recognises the need for sustainable living and embraces vegetarianism. Therefore the Sunrise Centre offers educational programmes to raise awareness of ecological issues and spread knowledge about healthier alternative ways of living.




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