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The Sunrise Centre was founded by the Women's Welfare Department (WWD) of Ananda Marga Malta.

Ananda Marga is a worldwide network of volunteers, who work towards a better society through self-development and community-based service. The WWD branch specifically aims to meet the needs of women and children. Its members include teachers, psychologists and other professionals.

The Sunrise Centre depends on volunteers for both its management and activities. It is grateful to all those who have committed to giving their time on a regular basis, as well as to those who have contributed in the past but due to work commitments or emigration are no longer able to help out regularly.

Management Committee

Catherine Azzopardi - Project Director
Catherine has been with the Sunrise Centre from its very beginning and aside her role in the management she is responsible for the Sunrise English Club. Her confidence in the success of the programmes offered stems from her fifteen years of teaching experience in a number of public area secondary schools combined with the training she received in Neo-Humanistic Education. For the last three years she has also participated in FES family literacy programmes, tutoring children with special learning needs.


Caroline Morales - fundraising
Caroline, a tour guide by profession, makes it her mission to highlight the rich historical inheritance of the cities of Cottonera. Being fully aware of the potential of the project especially with regards to empowering women, she has taken on the difficult task of fundraising. She was instrumental in initiating contacts with our main sponsors and organises the various events that are held on a regular basis in order to maintain the centre and its activities as well as finance the ongoing renovation


George Azzopardi - Publications / Maintenance
From the earliest renovation of the premises George has been overseeing and carrying out the work, and continues to take care of the ongoing maintenance and repair. A graphic artist by profession, he is also responsible for designing all our publications and printed material.



Sunrise English Club

Amelie Hell

Sarah Freistedt

Serena Bosca

Sulekha Vargas

Art & Crafts

Angela Zampaglione

George Azzopardi

Reading Club & Creativity

Paloma Yuste

Giada Casanova

Physical Development

Juan Cimballa

Alejandro Cuervo

Sport & Games

Fabiana Silva

Sara Yuste

Psychological Support Services
Sylvana Albanozzo
Ina Lempereur
Audrey Agius
Deborah Falzon

Helping Hands
Mounira Ayari
Doris Farrugia

Natasa Pantovic
Vera Schembri
Jane Gatt
Josianne Facchetti
Lana Turner
Sandra Attard

Lawrence Paterson